Internet, Smartphone and Technology Addiction Services Offered

Dr. Greenfield and our team at CITA are available for confidential in-person, telephone and video consultations by appointment to evaluate and discuss your situation. We will provide general information, education, as well as possible treatment options on issues related to Internet, Smartphone, video game, and technology addiction and discuss potential treatment options available at CITA and elsewhere.
CITA offers a variety of personalized individual counseling and psychotherapy to assess and manage Internet, Smartphone, video game, pornography and technology use, overuse and addiction, while also addressing other co-occurring behavioral health and psychiatric concerns. Dr. Greenfield and our team members are available for confidential individual, couples, and family therapy sessions; these sessions can be accomplished in-person, via telephone, or HIPPA compliant video conference.
CITA offers a variety of intensive one-on-one outpatient treatment options that offer accelerated programs individually designed for patients in a concentrated 1 or 2-week format. This allows individuals to fly or drive in to our clinic and receive an immersive treatment experience that might not otherwise be available in their local area.
Training and Lectures
Over the last 20 years, Dr. Greenfield and CITA staff have presented over 150 public and professional trainings and lectures throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, on the topic of Internet and technology addiction. CITA offers a variety of trainings for behavioral health and addiction professionals, as well as trainings and lectures for businesses and corporations, schools, parents and community groups
Corporate Trainings and Business Consultations
The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction offers consultations, trainings and keynote addresses to businesses and corporations on a variety of topics related to the use, abuse and efficient use of technology in the workplace. We also specialize in presenting trainings, workshops and keynotes in the areas of technology and productivity, employee assistance issues, and overall workplace technology policies and procedures, and tech-life balance.
Legal Testimony and Expert Witness
With more than 32 years of experience, Dr. Greenfield is an internationally recognized expert on Internet, technology and Smartphone behavior and addiction. He has provided legal testimony and expert opinion on numerous civil and criminal cases including: divorce and family issues, Internet pornography and employment matters related to Internet and technology use.

What we offer


Personal, psychiatric, academic, legal and business consulting services on technology use and overuse.


Individualized therapy and counseling for Internet and Technology Addiction and Compulsive Behavioral addictions.

Tech Healing Intensives

Concentrated, individualized treatment in an accelerated format.


Custom-tailored lectures and training offered to the general public, behavioral health and addiction professionals and the corporate world on a variety of topics related to Internet, technology and screen use and addiction.

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