Training and Lectures

Over the last 12 years Dr. Greenfield has presented over 50 public lectures, professional workshops and business seminars on Internet Addiction, The Impact of Technology, Technology & Stress and a variety of other high-tech addictions. Mental health and Employee Assistance Professionals (EAP) appreciate his subject matter expertise and clear instructional style. Dr. Greenfield is available for workshops on Cybersex, Pornography, Gambling and Video and Computer Gaming as well as other Internet and Digital Media Technology topics.

Some Popular Workshop Topics for Parents and Educators Include:

  • Digital Distractions and Its Impact on Families: How We Can Achieve Balance in a Digital Age
  • How to manage and improve educational and academic productivity by managing Internet and digital media use and abuse at home and in school
  • Social Media and Isolation: Recovery from Internet Addiction
  • Understanding Social Media and Texting use in Kids, Tweens and Teens
  • Virtual Addiction: Are We Controlling Our Devices or Are They Controlling Us
  • The Internet is Made for Porn: Implications of the Pornification of Human Sexuality
  • Video/Computer Games: What’s the Attraction and Why Are They Addictive?
  • Managing Digital Distraction in a Complex World: learning a more balanced and conscious use of digital technology and smartphones
  • Teaching Teens Sane use of Technology
  • Electronic Etiquette: How to use digital technology without it running your life


Also available, Professional Trainings for Behavior Health Professionals on Internet Addiction

  • Virtual Addiction: Digital Media, Internet, and Technology Addictions: Clinical Issues and Explorations
  • Innovations in Addiction Treatment: Epidemiology and Etiology of Internet Behaviors
  • Addiction Treatment: Internet Addiction & Internet Use Disorder
  • Violence, Risk and Potential Danger on the Internet and Digital Media
  • Internet and Digital Technology Addiction: A Clinical Perspective for Behavioral Health and Addiction Professionals
  • Cybersex, Internet and On-line Pornography Use and Abuse
  • Games People Play: Considerations for Computer, Internet and Video Gaming
  • Caught in the Web: How Internet, Smartphone and Digital Media Use and Abuse Impacts our Lives
  • Treatment of Internet-Enabled Compulsive Sexual Behavior on Marital and Significant Relationships

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