Legal Testimony and Expert Witness

If you or your lawyer require assistance in legal conflicts or situations regarding any Internet, technology, pornography, or other work-related tech issues, Dr. Greenfield can serve as an expert witness. He can provide legal testimony on Internet addiction, pornography, web cams, chat rooms, online or cyber affairs, online gambling, video gaming and compulsive shopping, and resulting issues in the workplace.

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Legal Expert Profile:

Dr. David Greenfield is one of the world’s leading experts in the areas of Internet and technology Addiction. He serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut’s School of Medicine.

He has functioned as a general expert and defense witness to legal counsel and has been involved in over 25 cases to date. He has written, researched and lectured internationally on Internet and digital technology use and abuse for more than 32 years. He is the author of Virtual Addiction, and has authored numerous professional articles, papers and book chapters on Internet and technology abuse and addiction.

Dr. Greenfield personally evaluates and/or treats patients for compulsive Internet use, especially around sexual or pornographic issues. He reviews case files and documents and offers his expert opinion relating to Internet or technology use to assist in constructing a legal defense. He frequently consults with defendants and counsel on background research and issues relating Internet and digital media technology abuse and addiction. He has helped in achieving a reduction or elimination of sentences (both in treatment cases and also as an expert) as well as ameliorating the stressful effects of the legal process for patients.

Dr. Greenfield has also been helpful in the treatment of a variety of compulsions and addictions, as he works primarily as a practicing psychologist with a specialty in addictions and sex addiction treatment. Dr. Greenfield’s greatest strength as an expert witness is that he is both a practicing clinician treating addictive/compulsive behavior, as well as an expert on Internet and technology issues. He can speak to the psychology of addiction and technology from both a practical and theoretical perspective.

Licensure / Certification:

  • Connecticut Licensed Psychologist (#001399)
  • New York Licensed Psychologist (#009628)
  • Connecticut Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#000558)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Addictions, APA College of Professional Psychology (#AD001519)
  • National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology (#40025)
  • Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology (#3443)
  • Clinical Member, CATSO: Connecticut Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders

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