For more than 30 years, Dr. David Greenfield and CITA staff have helped hundreds of individuals and couples overcome their Internet or technology addiction, recover balance and reconnect with the beauty and joy of life. Here is what some of The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction’s patients have to say about their experiences.

"Dr. Greenfield gave us the hope we needed"

About 10 years ago, our son had developed a gaming addiction while he was in college. When he returned home during his Junior year, he was a shell of the person he once was. He had lost 30 pounds and looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks. He had also spent so much time gaming that he had flunked out of school. We encouraged him to get therapy. He saw a couple of therapists but nothing seemed to work until he was treated by Dr. David Greenfield. After several sessions, our son started to develop other interests and gave permission for my husband and I to speak with Dr. Greenfield. Dr. Greenfield gave us the hope we needed. He told us that our son was very smart and would be successful when he was closer to 30. He told us that something would happen, most likely by accident and he would get the break he needed. He also told us that he would never be overly social and that he would never care about money. About 3 years after Dr. Greenfield made these predictions, our son got a lucky break with a job that worked into another job and today he is a very successful software developer and although he does not initiate social relationships, he is engaged to a lovely woman. And Dr. Greenfield’s statement about how our son feels about money and material things couldn’t have been more accurate. I would highly recommend Dr. Greenfield to anyone who has an Internet addiction.

(Janet Tanner, Parent of Patient)
"I will always remember your office as a sanctuary..."

I will always remember your office as a sanctuary; where my husband and I sat across from each other and from you too (Imago instructions in hand)safely beginning our delicately choreographed explanations of our marriage and ourselves.

You provided me with a critical blend of information based on science and statistics, literary and historical anecdotes as well as carefully nuanced perspectives and personal stories, all the while coaching us with warmth and humor and a developing sense of intimacy.

To have shared these hours with my husband was profound, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. “Boot Camp” was a source of inspiration in bravery, in honesty, and in intimacy.Thank you for every single word.

(Anonymous “Relationship Bootcamp” Participant 2014)
You are amazing! I am so grateful!

On this one year anniversary of my daughter’s initial visit, I felt it fitting to let you know how very much you and EMDR have helped her. The changes are quite impressive. You are amazing! I am so grateful! I bet there is hardly a week that goes by that I don’t think about the changes that came about in my daughter’s strength, attitude and happiness as a result of EMDR and you. And I thank you immensely.

(Anonymous Parent of Patient)
"Dr. Greenfield’s EMDR treatment has been amazing and life-changing..."

Dr. Greenfield’s EMDR treatment has been amazing and life-changing. I’m astonished at how quickly the pain, defense mechanisms and intense negative associations melted away. Just as surprising, two years later, the affects of the treatment are just as powerful as when I left his office after the first couple of sessions. I still don’t fully understand exactly how the process works, but I do know that it works better than I ever dreamed possible. EMDR has changed my life. It has made me a better person.

Bryan L. Olson, Esq.
"To say that Dr. Greenfield saved our marriage and my life would not be an understatement"

I entered couples therapy with my husband after he admitted to being an Internet sex addict and alcoholic. At the time we had been married for 11 years and had five young children. Needless to say, I had my world ripped from under my feet. At the same time, I learned of our crippling financial situation.

To say that Dr. Greenfield saved our marriage and my life would not be an understatement. I felt so afraid, alone and hopeless. I came from humble beginnings and was used to dealing with difficult times, but this was more than I thought I could handle.
The amazing part was that Dr. Greenfield made me feel that I wasn’t alone and that there was not only hope for our marriage, but that it would be better than ever. This was not something I thought was possible. I thought my marriage was over.

Dr. Greenfield guided us both patiently through EMDR and Imago Relationship Therapy. He treated my husband for Internet addiction and social anxiety.

I was able to start the process of healing my own childhood wounds, and understanding my husbands wounds and addictions. We are now able to speak and hear what the other person really feels and needs with deep compassion and empathy. We are connecting on a level that was never possible before and continues to grow deeper every day. We are living a conscious marriage.

Dr. Greenfield is truly a compassionate and caring doctor. He also happens to know a tremendous amount about trauma, addictions, anxiety, brain science, human behavior and relationship dynamics.
I learn something new about myself and my relationship every time I see him. I will be forever grateful for this healing of my soul and so will my children and my children’s children.

Anonymous Patient
"My Life is changed now........"

I am a 17 year old high school student that went through Dr. David Greenfield’s intensive treatment program for teens and young adults with Internet and gaming addiction in Fall 2013. I can say with certainty that going through this program was one of the best decisions of my life. I spend far less time now online than I did before going through the program, and most of the time I do spend online now is for social purposes like social media and texting. I have been with my girlfriend  for 6 weeks now and have a very special bond with her. Had I not gone through Dr. Greenfield’s program, I most likely would not have met her, and would not have the relationship with her that I now cannot imagine myself without.

My Life is changed now….

The girlfriend of one of my closest friends (whom my soon-to-be girlfriend was also friends with) was in a talent show at her school which my girlfriend also attends (they both sing), and she invited my friend and I to go see her and then go to a nearby diner with her and some of her friends afterwards. I met my girlfriend that very night at the diner and we instantly connected. Had I not gone through Dr. Greenfield’s program, I probably would have stayed home that night and played video games instead of going to the talent show and meeting her. I cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Greenfield for having changed my life in such a positive way. I hope other teens and young adults can have as positive an experience in this program as I did.

Anonymous patient

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