Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

CITA offers a variety of intensive one-on-one outpatient treatment options that offer accelerated programs individually designed for patients in a concentrated 1 or 2-week format. This allows individuals to fly or drive in to our clinic and receive an immersive treatment experience that might not otherwise be available in their local area.


What is an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOTP)?

In today’s increasingly busy world, it is difficult to make time for ourselves as we would like to. When confronted with psychological issues that need attention, the challenge of scheduling weekly long-term therapy may not be an option for our patients, especially those not local to The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction.

We understand this at CITA and have developed a treatment program to address the demanding schedules of our patients and their families called the Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program that offers months and months of therapy in a shortened time.

Patients usually opt for the five-day (20 hour) IOP, but Dr. Greenfield has also developed a two-day IOP, that requires the patient to attend ten hours per each day. This program has served high level professionals who have very limited scheduling time due to career demands.

We recommend the five-day program for young adults and students, as well as adults. We recommend the two day for adults with high time constraints on their schedules.

To learn more about Intensives, please give us a call or send us an email.

Tech Healing Intensive (THI)

During the Tech Healing Intensive, you will work one-on-one with Dr. Greenfield and CITA staff to address your compulsive or addictive technology use, including: Internet, Gaming, Online Gambling, Smartphones, and Social Media. These intensives utilize cutting-edge treatment protocols to streamline and accelerate the recovery process so that you can return to healthy life balance.

Using EMDR and a variety of other therapeutic strategies, Dr. Greenfield will help identify and desensitize your urges and cravings for overuse and abuse of technology. He will help you reduce your over-dependence on problematic technologies and heal underlying distress and anxieties that might be contributing to the patter of technology addiction. Whether your school performance is suffering, your job has worsened, you have encountered legal or financial repercussions or you’re having marital or relationship problems, Dr. Greenfield’s Tech Healing Intensive may be the effective first step you need to find lasting recovery.

Dr. Greenfield provides effective, focused strategies that are targeted to your specific technology addiction problem and you can begin using immediately. Close family involvement may be recommended—perhaps your parents or partner.

Using techniques proven effective in Imago Therapy®, Dr. Greenfield helps facilitate and repair communications between you and your spouse or family members in an effective and efficient manner. The skills that you learn during the intensive program can aid you in managing both your technology addiction symptoms as well your overall psychological functioning and happiness.

Porn Healing Intensive (PHI)

During the Porn Healing Intensive, you will work with Dr. Greenfield and his staff to address your compulsive and addictive Internet/Sexual Addiction problem. You will learn to examine and understand patterns, triggers and causes, identify community resources and supports, develop a relapse prevention plan, and heal and strengthen your relationship with yourself and others.

The purpose of the program is to utilize established and cutting-edge treatment protocols developed by Dr. Greenfield to assess, diagnose, treat and heal your Internet sex and porn addiction problem. This Intensive includes performing a psychosocial, sexual and medical history, addressing underlying and concomitant psychological and psychiatric issues that might be contributing to the addiction cycle, and evaluating other addictive and compulsive behavior patterns, e.g. substances, alcohol, food, gambling, video games, etc.

The CITA team will help you to identify community resources and supports, including various 12-step and other support options and discuss options for professional follow-up and therapy. You will also develop a relapse prevention plan and develop support strategies and crisis techniques to prevent or address relapse, and address and develop plans for impacted social, vocational and marital/family relationships. For many people, it is also important to implement computer/Smartphone and other technology blocks/filters/monitors to help limit access to porn and sexual content.

The goal of the PHI is to provide palpable and effective focused strategies that are targeted to your Internet pornography or sexual or sexual addiction problem. We often recommend close family involvement with parents, spouses or significant others, as we recognize the involvement and impact an addiction can have on one’s family and intimate relationships.

Marital and Relationship Bootcamp

Even the best of relationships can suffer challenging times. For many, these challenges are met with a breakdown in communication, pointless and endless arguments, resentments built, and in many cases, the end of a relationship that might have been salvageable. Dr. Greenfield, using Solution Focused Therapy, Imago Therapy, and EMDR®, as well as traditional psychotherapeutic techniques, has created a bootcamp for couples.

Experience a renewed feeling of intimacy and connection in your marriage or relationship, achieve greater marital and relationship satisfaction, discover your unconscious wounds that influence and limit your ability to connect and be intimate, and learn to become a part of each other’s life and apart from one another with ease and comfort.

The goal of the Marital and Relationship Bootcamp is to develop a conscious relationship and stop acting out old defensive and painful patterns. You will reach this through a private, compassionate environment over the course of 2-full days (approximately 16 hours, or the equivalent of 20 sessions) with Dr. David Greenfield, Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 25 years of experience. You can do in 2-days what might take months using conventional weekly sessions. This is personalized and intensive Psychotherapy experience intended to provide a jump start to achieving significant personal and relationship growth.