Online Pornography Test

This short 12 question test will help you determine if you may have an issue with the use, abuse or addiction to online pornography.

1. Are you spending more time online or on your digital devices (computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone) viewing pornography than you realize?


2. Do you mindlessly pass time on a regular basis by staring at your Smartphone, tablet, or computer surfing, viewing, or downloading pornography even when there might be better or more productive things to do?


3. Do you spend more time viewing or downloading pornography as opposed to socializing with real-time people or engaging in real-time sexual activities?


4. Has the amount of time you spend watching porn on the Internet been increasing?


5. Do you secretly wish you could be less involved with online pornography?


6. Do you sleep with your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop near your bed or under your pillow or next to your bed regularly to view porn more readily?


7. Do you view pornography at all hours of the day and night—even when it means interrupting other things you are or should be doing, including sleep, schoolwork, or your job?


8. Do you look at porn while you are driving or when you’re doing other activities that require your focused attention and concentration?


9. Does your use of Internet porn decrease your productivity at work or school at times?


10. Do you feel somewhat uncomfortable when you accidentally leave your Smartphone or Internet device in the car or at home by accident or you have no service, or if service is broken?


11. Do you feel reluctant to be without Internet pornography even for a short time?


12. Do you typically masturbate during or after you view online pornography?


13. Do you vow to stop or reduce using online porn and end up using it again soon after?


14. Have you ever looked at porn sites that make you uncomfortable?


15. Have you had legal problems as a result of your Internet porn behavior, e.g. the loss of child custody, divorce, arrest, or work issues due to viewing or downloading pornography, etc.?


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Disclaimer: It should be noted that no medical or psychiatric diagnosis can be made solely by a written test or screening instrument alone; this survey is intended for educational and informational purposes only. If you score is on the higher side it would be reasonable to examine whether your use or over-use is creating any problems in work-life balance. If you are concerned about your Smartphone use, you may wish to consult with a mental health/addiction professional with expertise in Internet and Technology Addiction (Process/Behavioral Addictions).