Dr. Greenfield and our team at CITA are available for confidential in-person, telephone and video consultations by appointment to evaluate and discuss your situation. We will provide general information, education, as well as possible treatment options on issues related to Internet, Smartphone, video game, and technology addiction and discuss potential treatment options available at CITA and elsewhere. Consultations are available for parents, caregivers, guardians, private and public schools, medical, psychiatric and addictions specialists, and all behavioral health clinicians.

Dr. Greenfield and our team can provide an overall background on the psychological and neurobiological aspects of Internet and technology addiction to help educate and inform people on the causes, symptoms and available treatments for Internet and technology abuse, including video gaming, porn, social media, Smartphones, and general compulsive Internet use.

Part of the consultation is to discuss the available options both through CITA and other providers. Most people seeking consultations find the information to be valuable, whether they end up requiring treatment or not. What makes a consultation unique is that we review personalized information regarding your situation in evaluating what, if any, treatment options might be appropriate.

If interested in finding out more about the cost of a consultation, please call or email CITA and we will be happy to answer your questions. Unfortunately, unless the actual patient is being evaluated, educational and informational consultations may not be covered by your insurance. If you have any questions about this, please contact your health insurance carrier directly, as we do not participate as in-network providers.

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