Plug Back Into Life

  • Do you sometimes feel like social media leaves you feeling less than social?
  • Are you tired of comparing yourself to other people on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
  • Do you spend countless hours gaming, streaming videos on YouTube or endlessly searching the web for nothing?
  • Have you found that your real-time social relationships are impacted by all the time you spend on screens?
  • Let us help you learn how to maintain and nurture a sustainable, healthy relationship with technology and to flourish in your real-time living.

Internet Addiction

  • Do you feel that your technology is controlling you instead of you controlling it?
  • Sometimes, do you wish you could spend less time on the Internet or your Smartphone?
  • Are you mindlessly staring at your screen even though there’s nothing important on it?

Video games

  • Do you lose track of time while lost in a game for hours?
  • Does gaming hold more importance in your life than you would like it to?
  • Are your friends or family bugging you about how much time you are spending gaming?


  • Do you feel that you are stuck on an Internet porn merry-go-round?
  • Has your porn use impacted your real-time intimate relationship?
  • Does your use of Internet pornography sometimes feel compulsive?

Social Media

  • Does your use of social media is anything but social?
  • Do you find yourself in constant comparison to other people’s lives online?
  • Have you been caught in an endless race to keep posting and tracking your likes and comments?

What we offer


Personal, psychiatric, academic, legal and business consulting services on technology use and overuse.


Individualized therapy and counseling for Internet and Technology Addiction and Compulsive Behavioral addictions.

Tech Healing Intensives

Concentrated, individualized treatment in an accelerated format.


Custom-tailored lectures and training offered to the general public, behavioral health and addiction professionals and the corporate world on a variety of topics related to Internet, technology and screen use and addiction.

Addicted to your phone?

If you find yourself spending more time on your cell or Smartphone—texting, tweeting or emailing—than talking to people in person, you may want to schedule more real-time living.

There is an easy way to find out...

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